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Our daughter, Tara, was 2 ½ when we started looking for a preschool. We had tried one “other” before we came to San Marino. We were turned off by the “other” because upon a surprise visit, I found her on the floor where she had cried herself to sleep.

The mention that was made about San Marino Congregational Preschool was that it was “San Marino’s best kept secret”. I scheduled an appointment to meet with the Director and she gave me a tour. It was organized, calm and clean. I liked that the focus was on their individual development. The staff met the children at their individual levels.

When I told the Director that Tara had Down syndrome, she did not even flinch. After what we had already gone through in our search for the right placement, I was grateful for her kind non-reaction. She simply said, “OK, let’s give it a try.” Tara thrived during her preschool time. Ronnie, who was 14 months younger than Tara also attended and I watched him blossom. It was during his time in San Marino that I realized that he was academically gifted. My children are now 13 and 12 and we still talk about their time at San Marino Congregational Preschool.

If I could say one thing, it would be that I, a mother of special needs children (one on each end of the spectrum) was comforted by the fact that when I picked up my children and they ran into my arms, I could smell someone else’s perfume. Not only were my children nurtured and challenged, they were loved. ” - Vivianna

San Marino Congregational Preschool was established in 1948 as an outreach of San Marino Congregational Church. Thousands of children have had the experience of being nurtured and taught in this facility. The preschool is open to all children without regard to race religion, creed or national origin. We are licensed by the state of California, Department of Social services. We are associated with the Church Related Early Childhood Educational Fellowship and the California Association for the Education of Young Children.

San Marino Congregational Preschool continues to be an outreach of this church, however, we do not teach religious doctrine as part of our curriculum. The United Church of Christ is a very open Christian denomination and believes in inter faith. All are welcome at our school and in the church. We do teach loving one another and kindness and all other Christian principles by example. It is our tradition to celebrate all holidays, cultural and/or religious for educational purposes.

We are a small school licensed for only 45 children. We pride ourselves on being nurturing, developmental and flexible. We accept two year olds to five year olds. Because we are developmentally based, we know that a child may very well be ready for a preschool experience and yet not be quite ready to be toilet trained. For this reason we do not require children to be toilet trained before coming to our school. We will reinforce your efforts at training as he/she is ready.

Our school is located on the corner of Huntington Drive and Del Mar Avenue in the city of San Marino. Our parking lot is off Del Mar Ave. on the east side of the street. Our play yard is very well protected from the street. In fact it is quite hidden from the outside making it very safe for children.



License #191502477 | Capacity 45

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